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TEKTELIC is a leading supplier of LoRaWAN IoT Gateways, End-to-End Solutions, Sensors, and Applications. TEKTELIC has been present on the market since 2009, and during these years managed to reach excellence in quality, engineering, and service. TEKTELIC offers a complete range of customized product design services and is backed by a growing portfolio of Devices, Applications, and Gateways.

Bilde av Tektelic Outdoor Kona Macro Gateway 868 MHz, ...
Bilde av Tektelic Indoor Kona Micro Gateway 868 MHz, ...
Bilde av Tektelic Gateway 868MHz Antenna Kit
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TEKTELIC is a company involved in the development of wireless communication software and hardware. TEKTELIC is one of the first gateway solution providers to qualify hardware under the AWS IoT Core for the LoRaWAN device qualification program. This fully managed feature helps enterprise customers connect devices without developing and maintaining a LoRaWAN Network Server.

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