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Decentlab is a Swiss company providing wireless sensor devices and services for distributed, cost-effective monitoring solutions.

The sensor devices communicate wirelessly over LoRaWAN® and are designed for ultra low power consumption, capable of operating on batteries for several years. The devices are built for industrial applications and are ready to be deployed in any harsh indoor or outdoor environment.

The service framework provides convenient access to measurement data and enables seamless integration into existing monitoring and control systems.

Application areas are environmental and air quality monitoring, hydrological measurements, smart agriculture and smart cities.

Bilde av Decent Labs DL-MBX-001-EU868

Decent Labs

Bilde av Decent Labs DL-MBX-002-EU868

Decent Labs

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Decentlab's mission is to provide real-time monitoring solutions; making them easier to deploy over many locations, ensuring data quality and supporting collaboration.


Decentlab has a range of products to standardize measurement and monitoring systems for controlled experiments and real-time monitoring. Decentlab's devices have been engineered to support a wide range of sensors and can be adapted to be used in many applications.


Decentlab is a Swiss based company, a spin off from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa). The company was founded in 2008 by the combined expertise of Jonas Meyer and Reinhard Bischoff in electrical engineering and system design. Together they started with structural health monitoring of infrastructures in 2005 across Europe with the objective of reducing the installation and maintenance costs. Since then the company has expanded into other areas such as environmental monitoring and smart-city projects.  

Our monitoring products are deployed world-wide over more than 40 countries.

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